The True Role of a Spiritual Medium

Isn’t it strange to think, that in a world of advanced technology such as radio, television, smart phones, internet etc. there still remains a lot of confusion and misconception surrounding the whole area of ‘intuitive’ and ‘sensitive’ people such as mediums and psychics?It seems that the terms, clairvoyant, medium, psychic and fortune teller have all somehow been crammed under the umbrella of ‘entertainment’. Advertisements for ‘psychic hot lines’ can been seen during TV ads, on social media sites, or anytime the word ‘psychic’ is keyed into a search engines.


Is it any wonder why so many people find the whole area of psychics and mediums laughable when there are television channels dedicated to ‘ghost busting’ programmes where the medium is followed around by a team of camera men and a presenter who ‘jumps’ every time there’s a sound in the background. Sadly, many people believe these shows to be ‘real’ and in doing so grow fearful of mediums – thinking all mediums do, is go around chasing ghosts from old buildings and haunted houses.

Well, on behalf of myself and other dedicated spiritual mediums out there I would like to ‘put the record straight’ in regards to what the differences are between the terms medium, psychic, clairvoyant and fortune teller. Hopefully this will help readers to understand what to expect when booking their next reading or sitting.

First of all let me say, that each and every one of us is born with psychic abilities. These ‘gifts’ can be nurtured and developed in anyone who chooses to work with their ‘intuition’ and sensitivity. There is no great mystery to it and certainly nothing to be afraid off when working with our sixth sense. As a matter of fact, everyone works with a small percentage of their intuition every day. For example, you might start thinking about someone you know out of the blue, then a little while later the phone rings and guess what? Your right it’s them! This happened to a friend of mine’s mum Peggy, so much so she decided to wait each time someone strongly came to mind, and not phone them immediately as eventually they would ring her. To her delight she saved a little each month on her phone bill. Without realising it Peggy was using her intuitive abilities.

Now, let me explain the following terms so you can understand them for the next time you hear them being used.



Psychics – a ‘professional’ psychic is someone who tunes into the energy (Aura) of the person they are working with, this is how they can pick up on past and present situations in a client’s energy field using all their intuitive senses.

Mediums – have finely tuned psychic senses as well as the ability to communicate with those in the world of spirit. The main focus of a mediums work is to bring messages of love, comfort, guidance and healing through to their clients from loved ones, guides and Angelic helpers. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

Fortune Tellers- are basically psychics who use deviation tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, rune stones to predict a person’s past present and future based on the information they receive from the tools they are working with and the persons energy they are tuned into.

The terms clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance  are used to describe the strongest psychic abilities a person works with. A very brief description of each follows.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing,” the ability to perceive things outside the normal senses, such as images that flash into mind, future events, symbols, images of another person’s life events etc

Clairaudience, mean “clear hearing,” the ability to hear voices of those in spirit, be that spirit guides, loved ones or spiritual helpers.

Clairsentience, means “clear feeling” the ability to ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ things about another person, place or object. Most healers work with this ability, this is why they will sometime find themselves ‘mirroring’ their clients emotions, pain or physical discomfort briefly when they are giving healing. These symptoms usually pass as soon as the healer recognises that they are not their own.

Claircognizance  is “clear knowing.” It when you just suddenly know something to be true, even though you didn’t see it, hear it or feel it. You just know it. A simple example would be you ‘knowing’ a person is pregnant before they are even aware of it themselves.

So you see, when you break all these terms down, they are only describing abilities that we all have to some degree. When we embrace these abilities within ourselves they become very powerful tool to help us not only in our personal lives but also in our work as healers, therapists, counsellors etc.

Today, I was once again ‘reminded’ what a privilege and honour it is to be able to share in the very precious and tender moments between a client and her loved one in spirit when I gave a mediumship sitting to my eldest client to date …she was a lady of 75 years young.

Rose had come to see me after hearing about me from her grandson’s girlfriend – who had come to see me a few weeks previous. It seems that after listening to what this girl had to say about her reading with me, that Rose wondered if I could perhaps help her with a few problems that she herself was experiencing. Her grandson phoned me later that afternoon and asked if I would see his grandmother. I was happy to do so and told him to bring her along the next day as I was available.

After lunch Rose arrived with her grandson. When I opened the door I was taken aback by how beautiful and ‘young’ looking Rose was, it came to mind that there was no way she looked the age of her calendar years and I couldn’t help but compliment her on how well she looked as I led her down the hall to the healing room. Her grandson was happy to wait for her in the sitting room.

Once I had made Rose comfortable, I took my seat and began to explain to her how I worked with Spirit. As I was doing this, my attention was brought to one side of Rose. I could see the spirit of a man forming and as he did so I heard him say “I’m Rose’s dad, please tell her that I am here and I travelled with her on the journey” I acknowledged his presence with a slight nod of my head and finished what I was saying to Rose before passing on his message “Rose your father is here with us, he wants me to let you know that he travelling with you in on the car journey here”

Rose smiled before replying “that’s very interesting because I was thinking of him all the way here” Her dad moved closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder as he continued with the message “Please tell Rose I was with her at the hospital and she need not worry, she stills has a lot of living to do yet” When I said this to Rose she led out a sigh of relief before telling me a little about her medical history. She had been very ill a few months previous and was worried that she was going to die. Hearing her father’s reassuring words brought tears to her eyes as she said “tell him thank you from me” she said as she wiped her eyes with a tissue. “I don’t need to tell him Rose…he can hear you and knows how you feel” I replied as I gave her a few moments before continuing.

The next part of her father’s message was the highlight of Rose’s sitting. Her father asked me to say “Did she like the music” As soon as Rose heard this she beamed a great smile “I found a CD of piano music in the pound shop the other day…I only discovered that it had a piece of music that my father would play to me as a child when I got home. I keep playing it over and over again and every time I do I can see images of my father” She explained. The energy of love between Rose and her father’s spirit was so tangible and beautiful that I began to cry. I could see and feel the connection between Rose and her father. I felt so honoured and privileged to witness the healing that was taking place right in front of my eyes.

I continued to pass messages to Rose for a while longer. Before leaving Rose hugged me tight and said “God bless you Mary for what you have done for me today….you have a very special gift”  I returned her hug with the words “Be happy Rose in all that you do….you are very special too” before escorting her back to her grandson and then to the door.

There is no greater joy than that of creating it for others… is how I would sum up in a few words the reason why I love the work that I do as a medium and healer. To be able to turn frowns to smiles, tears to laughter and bring comfort to broken hearts is the greatest gift that anyone could ask for as a channel for spirit. This is why I continue to devote my time, my energy and my life to be of service to Spirit, service to others and of course to be of service to myself by fulfilling my purpose in this life.  Long may Spirit work with me in allowing me to continue to be a channel for I am extremely blessed.                                                                         I leave you to ponder on what this article may have ‘stirred’ within you!

Blessings and Love

Mary Meade X

Mary Meade – Is a natural born Medium with over 20 years’ experience in the field of holistic and complementary therapies.  She holds diplomas in a number of therapies but her true area of expertise is working as a channel for the world of spirit.

Mary is one of Ireland most respected Spiritual Mediums. Her journey into the field of holistic and complementary therapies began over twenty years ago when she began her probationary healer training with the NFSH National Federation of Spiritual Healers – Now known as THT Healing Trust. Since then she has trained and qualified in a number of holistic therapies but her true area of expertise remains in her natural born mediumship abilities. In 2010 Mary proudly took her Tutor panel with THT Healing Trust in the UK and is now one of 4 fully licenced Tutors here in Ireland – who can provide and facilitate fully accredited healer foundation trainings parts 1 – 4.

Mary also provides and facilitates her own courses and workshops in psychic development which she has personally tailored from her own experiences working as a channel for the world of spirit. She also teaches workshops and classes in personal and spiritual development. In 2008 Mary began channelling intuitive paintings which she calls ‘Soul Prints’ –  she is currently working on a collection of these paintings for exhibition in spring 2014.

Mary is available for private one to one appointments in both Cavan and Dublin.

For more information on her work please phone 087 4104519 or email

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